Titan Medical has signed an exclusive license agreement with Columbia University for single port robotic surgery system, the insertable robotic effector platform (IREP).

As per the agreement, Titan has gained rights to develop and market IREP, which was developed by Nabil Simaan.

IREP, which features an endoscope and two flexible arms, facilitates surgeons to use only a single small 15 mm opening in the abdomen to perform minimally invasive procedures including single port gallbladder, trans-vaginal access, trans-oral access, and trans-anal access surgeries.

It can also be attached to the surgical bed due to its small diameter, which facilitates quick reorientation of the patient during surgery.

IREP also provides sensory information such as force feedback and intra-abdominal ultrasound and is suitable for micro-surgery with high level accuracy.

Titan Medical CEO Craig Leon said single port robotic surgery system fits perfectly with their strategic plans of developing and commercializing a suite of next generation robotic surgical technologies.