TiaLinx, a developer of remotely controlled aerial and ground robots integrated with breathing detectors, announced the launch of its Eagle10 breathing and heartbeat detection system.

The "Eagle10" replaces the Eagle5 family of products originally launched in 2011. The newly implemented sensor system’s enhanced performance is due to the development of more advanced electronics and signal processing capabilities for longer operations.

The advanced sensors are designed to detect the existence of live persons trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building. Eagle10-B is a miniaturized unit of distributed sensors that enables the searching of hard-to-access areas such as tunnel entrances as well as the detection of concealed individuals inside containers.

TiaLinx is a privately held company that develops advanced electronic modules with very small form factors, highly integrated functionality, and advanced performance for a wide range of defense and commercial applications.

Utilizing its more than 62 granted patents and its many more pending patent applications, specifically related to its breathing detection technologies, TiaLinx is uniquely positioned to serve the first responder community.