The AR60-A is a laptop size, portable, and non-contact screening system designed to detect abnormal tissues in female breasts.

The technology detects the different electrical properties of abnormal cells as compared to the healthy ones.

In contrast to X-Rays, which accumulate radiation in the body, the 60GHz scanning technology does not emit ionizing radiation, making the AR60-A a quintessential technology for the medical field.

The wafer-scale beamforming technology of TiaLinx and its patented planar antenna arrays enable scanning with fine lateral resolution, ultimately enhancing the detection and imaging of small cell clusters.

Moreover, signal processing with polarization capabilities enhances the suppression of scattering, while the advanced ultra-wideband (UWB) transmitter and receiver provide the user with the ability to obtain high depth resolution for sharp images.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA) reports that the cancer survival rate declines from 95% to 26% between the initial diagnosis and five years after being diagnosed. Additionally, according to Life Science Industry Research’s market projections, the worldwide breast cancer screening population is expected to be just short of 250 million individuals by 2018.