The Capnostream 20p bedside monitor incorporates Covidien’s Microstream technology and includes the Apnea-Sat Alert algorithm.

Apnea-Sat Alert technology, which is a part of the broader family of Smart Alarm Management integrated algorithms, measures and reports recurring apnea (temporary cessation of breathing for more than 10 seconds) and oxygen desaturation events.

The Smart Alarm Management integrated algorithms family includes Smart Breath Detection technology, Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis technology, Nellcor SatSeconds technology, and Integrated Pulmonary Index algorithm.

Covidien’ capnography solution with the new Apnea-Sat Alert feature may help in the early detection and treatment of cardiac arrest and others serious conditions.

Further differentiated by the Microstream-enabled microMediCO2™ module measurement bench, the Capnostream 20p bedside monitor offers easy integration into host monitor configurations and is designed to support future Smart Capnography algorithms without requiring hardware upgrades.

Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions chief medical officer Scott Kelley said: "The Capnostream 20p bedside monitor will help increase apnea detection rates and represents an important advancement in continuous patient monitoring that we believe will help save lives."

The Capnostream 20p bedside monitor complies with International Organization for Standardization alarm standards and can be used across all care settings.