ThermoGenesis, a supplier of products for processing and storing adult stem cells, has signed two new distribution agreements that will further extend its global reach into Asia and Central and South America for its offerings in the bone marrow stem cell regenerative medicine market.

ThermoGenesis has claimed tha it had completed four new distribution agreements in the past 90 days, enhancing its ability to market and sell its products throughout the world.

The first agreement with three-years term, is with TotipotentSC, a distribution company. It is for the exclusive distribution of the company’s devices used in the process of stem cells from bone marrow, the MXP MarrowXpress and the Res-Q60 BMC (Res-Q) Systems, covering India, Malaysia and Thailand.

ThermoGenesis also reported the amendment of an exclusive distribution agreement with Comercio Exportacai e Importacao de Materiais Medicos (CEI) to include the rights to market and distribute the Res-Q and MXP Systems in Mexico and Central and South American countries, including Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The contract runs through May 2011.

Reportedly, in late January, ThermoGenesis completed an enhanced distribution agreement with GE Healthcare for the AutoXpress AXP System, excluding certain countries in Central and South America, Asia, CIS and Eastern Europe. In March, ThermoGenesis signed an agreement with Fenwal, to exclusively market and distribute the AXP and BioArchive Systems for use in cord blood processing and storage in China, India and Japan.

Melville Engle, chief executive officer of ThermoGenesis, said: “We are delighted to be working with these firms. Their addition to our marketing and distribution efforts provide ThermoGenesis with an enhanced presence in the growing worldwide regenerative medicine market.

“As a result of these agreements, and those completed over the past three months, we have extensive coverage for our core offerings in major geographies throughout the world including our presence in the growing Asian market. Furthermore, we anticipate adding additional distributor relationships in the near-term.”

Located in the US and India, TotipotentSC provides products and services specifically targeted to the regenerative medicine market. TotipotentSC was the stem cell device and consulting company to establish a presence in India and operates two facilities in the country, and has scientific advisors, including clinicians from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.