Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a S1 Pipet Filler to provide faster pipetting performance and longer battery life.

Each S1 Pipet Filler is supplied with a table- and wall-mounted holder, a 1 mL pipet support, a power supply and international power adapters.

S1 Pipet Filler is light in weight and features a volume range of 1 to 100 ml and a large backlit LCD display with battery-charge and speed-set indicators which aid users to confirm whether there is enough power to complete the current run.

The Pipet Filler is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery which provides 15 hours of continuous use and recharge.

The S1 Pipet Filler includes a separate aspiration and dispense speeds with eight different options for precise performance.

Five color options and an identification area make it easy to personalize each pipet filler.