The Veratherm Portable Hyperthermic Perfusion System is a small, lightweight and mobile device that provides the medical community with an economical platform to precisely deliver and circulate heated and unheated sterile fluids to a broad population of patients for a variety of appropriate indications and treatments while monitoring patients.

Raymond Vennare, CEO of ThermalTherapeutic Systems, said: “FDA clearance is a significant achievement for ThermalTherapeutic Systems, one which allows the company to place the Veratherm Portable Hyperthermic Perfusion System in the hands of surgeons and perfusionists at luminary institutions across the country.

“For medical professionals for those who will benefit from using this technology FDA clearance represents a critical step forward in the company’s ongoing effort to standardize the use and improve the control of hyperthermic perfusion.”

Michael Fausset, chief technology officer of ThermalTherapeutic Systems, said: “I believe that the Veratherm Portable Hyperthermic Perfusion System will not only improve the quality of hyperthermic treatments, in particular, but create opportunities for hospitals and perfusion groups to expand their services in general.

“The fact that this device precisely monitors temperature, pressure and flow allows the physician and technician to have more control over the treatment. But because of its portability, more patients can be treated at more facilities or in different clinical environments”.