Theragenics Corporation, a medical device manufacturer, has signed a supply and reseller agreement for three years with Accelyon.

Under the agreement, Theragenics will supply its AgX100 seeds to Accelyon, which will in turn provide for the loading and packaging of these seeds into prescription loaded needles, custom strands and other configurations.

Accelyon will sell the completed products in the EU, Australia and New Zealand markets.

Theragenics chairman and CEO Christine Jacobs said that the Agreement is the first major opportunity to penetrate Europe, Australia and New Zealand with the company’s brachytherapy seed product.

"Accelyon is a new entrant into the brachytherapy marketplace with experienced talent," Jacobs added.

Accelyon managing director Saheed Rashid said that the company understands what is important to customers and are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and reliability.

"Theragenics is a high quality manufacturer and well-known brand throughout the brachytherapy world," Rashid added.