Tha Group has entered into a partnership with Cardiocom, a provider of home telehealth solutions, to advance its chronic telehealth program by providing home telehealth technology to patients with chronic conditions.

Cardiocom develops and manufactures telehealth devices for heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma and other chronic conditions.

Tha Group president and CEO Ellen Bolch said they have chosen Cardiocom’s telehealth system because it contains a chronic disease management software with an emphasis on self-management, easy to install and use monitors, cellular capability, two-way integration with their point of care system, and willingness to partner and develop new ways to advance home health care as the solution to in-home, post acute care.

Cardiocom president and CEO Daniel Cosentino said they look forward to co-developing new features that can allow home health care to continue to showcase their value proposition.