The acquisition provides Terumo Americas Holding access to Harvest’s two medical device therapies SmartPReP 2 APC+ system and SmartPReP 2 BMAC technology platform.

The SmartPReP2 APC+ system allows physicians to rapidly prepare highly concentrated, autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) enriched with growth factors to naturally stimulate the body’s healing process for bone and soft tissue wounds.

The SmartPReP 2 BMAC technology platform is a point-of-care device that requires just 15 minutes to process and concentrate adult stem cells from a small aspirate of autologous bone marrow.

Harvest is focusing its initial commercialization efforts in Europe to support clinical research for the treatment of end-stage Critical Limb Ischemia.

The company is also conducting a 42-patient pilot, randomized, and controlled, safety cardiac study of its BMAC system in three US medical centers.

Terumo Americas Holding president and CEO Kazuaki Kitabatake said their existing relationship with Harvest, as a US distributor of their PRP technology through Terumo Cardiovascular Systems made it a natural fit into their strategic plan for growth in the vascular industry.