Telus Health Solutions and Orange have collaborated to provide Calydial remote monitoring solutions to patients with chronic diseases.

A team of professionals from Calydial and AGDUC have selected patients living with chronic kidney disease to take part in a trial using the Telus and Orange remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution at home.

Patients were given a tablet computer, connectivity and software to monitor their vital signs, manage their medication and treatment protocols and provide feedback to their care team.

The results demonstrated an improved patient support and patient satisfaction.

Telus Health Solutions vice president Kasra Moozar said, "With Orange we have the opportunity to extend our reach into international markets, bringing our award-winning and proven solutions to further healthcare improvement objectives by turning information into better health outcomes for citizens."

Orange Healthcare executive vice president Thierry Zylberberg said, "We are proud to work with TELUS Health Solutions in the development of telemedicine solutions that can have a positive impact on care quality for chronic disease patients and care delivery for healthcare providers."

The Calydial solution utilizes a network-centric, multi-function application, Telus RPM solution, that allows patients with conditions that require daily monitoring to coordinate with their healthcare providers from home.