Teleflex Incorporated has unveiled new ARROW SureBlock spinal anesthesia collection, designed to minimize the incidence of postdural puncture headaches.

The SureBlock collection comprises spinal anesthesia full medication kits, safety kits, intermediate and basic sets as well as individually packaged sterile Sprotte needles in various gauges and lengths to provide more flexibility for the anesthesia provider.

The spinal anesthesia kits feature the Sprotte spinal needle, which has been clinically proven to minimize the incidence of postdural puncture headaches.

The company said SureBlock Collection of kits and sets will now include a glass barrel syringe to further aid in the fast, positive identification of the spinal space.

Teleflex anesthesia and respiratory president Cary Vance said the company has expanded and redesigned the SureBlock product offering to provide more ARROW brand solutions for anesthesiologists to meet their changing needs.

"By providing more products for more procedures, designed around patient safety and greater ease of use and reliability for the anesthesia provider, we strive to simplify the customer’s supply chain," Vance added.