Teleflex, a leading global provider of medical devices for critical care, urology and surgery, will showcase its striking anaesthesia portfolio, together with its innovative vascular access platform, at the Euroanaesthesia Congress in Berlin, Germany on May 29 - June 2, 2015.

During ESA, Europe’s largest and most attended Anaesthesia Congress, Teleflex will present its Arrow, LMA and Rüsch brand key anaesthesia products, including the Rüsch EZ-Blocker endobronchial blocker, the LMA laryngeal mask portfolio featuring the LMA Supreme second generation gastric access airway and the LMA Protector laryngeal mask.

A wide range of laryngoscopes now being part of Teleflex through the recent acquisition of Truphatek International Ltd. will complete the portfolio displayed.

To enable hands-on experience of the products, Teleflex will establish several interactive areas at its booth:

The Rüsch EZ-Blocker endobronchial blocker can be tested on a special tracheal model.

The Arrow EZ-IO intraosseous (inside the bone) vascular access system that provides immediate vascular access for the delivery of essential medications and fluids will be demonstrated and can be tried out on bone models.

Teleflex will participate in the pre-congress Airway Workshop, where techniques and procedures related to Airway Management will be demonstrated and trialed by qualified physicians.

Teleflex is proud to exhibit some of its best products for the purpose of education during this workshop: including the LMA Supreme laryngeal mask, the LMA Fastrach intubating laryngeal mask, the LMA ProSeal laryngeal mask, the Rusch EZ-Blocker endobronchial blocker, the EasyCric emergency cricothyrotomy cannula, and several of its standard products, such as the SafetyClear endotracheal tube and SafeView blades and laryngoscopes from Truphatek.

Teleflex will also sponsor the Satellite Symposium entitled "2015 – the dawn of the age of possibility for the Laryngeal Mask", Chair: Prof. Dr. med. Arnd Timmermann, Berlin, Germany.