Under the agreement, Novation members will gain access to Teleflex’s VPS console, stylets and pre-loaded stylets.

The ARROW PICC features a TaperFree body which is designed to ensure consistent French size along the entire length of the catheter and to minimize the risk of catheter-related thrombosis compared to reverse-taper catheters.

The company said the Arrow VPS replaces the need for confirmatory chest X-ray with preloaded option that improves clinician ease of use for vascular navigation and catheter tip positioning.

By utilizing the real-time intravascular Doppler, ECG and advanced algorithmic logic, clinician can reach the optimal location in the lower 1/3 of the SVC-Cavo-Atrial Junction with Arrow VPS’s catheter tip to reduce complications such as thrombosis.

Teleflex vascular division president Paul Molloy said, "We are dedicated to providing technologies for clinicians who strive to make zero complications in vascular care a reality."