Teleflex will showcase its broad portfolio of Arrow and LMA branded products, including the Arrow EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System and the LMA Supreme Next Generation EMS Supraglottic Airway at the EMS World Expo 2014, November 11-13, in Nashville, Tennessee.

"At Teleflex, we are dedicated to solving unmet clinical needs and delivering positive outcomes for clinicians and patients in the pre-hospital and hospital environment," said Linda Beneze, President of the Teleflex Specialty Division.

"The history of Teleflex is defined by practical innovation and the development of products designed to promote improved clinical practice and patient outcomes. We look forward to sharing the value of choosing Teleflex as a preferred partner with the pre-hospital care community."

EMS World Expo 2014 is the first opportunity for Teleflex to introduce its enhanced EMS Brand presence following the acquisition of Vidacare LLC, which introduces the EZ-IO System into the product portfolio. A few of the Rescue Airway Solutions, Vascular Access Solutions and Intranasal Atomization Drug Delivery Solutions that will be showcased at the show are as follows:

LMA Supreme Next Generation EMS Airway

When a patent airway can mean the difference between life and death, choose the LMA Supreme Airway from Teleflex. The leading single-use, gastric access laryngeal mask airway with a built-in drain tube, the LMA Supreme Airway is the airway of choice. You can depend on the LMA Supreme Airway to fit properly and ventilate sufficiently due to its superior design and proven track record. It is simply our most advanced airway device for your EMS airway needs.

Arrow EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System

Teleflex will introduce the EZ-IO System under the Arrow Brand Portfolio. The EZ-IO Vascular Access System is a complete solution for rapid vascular access – whether you’re facing difficult vascular access challenges or need fast intraosseous access for critical situations and life-threatening emergencies. This system is designed to provide the medical professional rapid vascular access to the central circulation within seconds, delivering medications, intravenous fluids and blood products to adult and pediatric patients alike.
LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device.

When IV drug delivery is less than ideal, the MAD Nasal Atomization Device can come to the rescue with safe, painless and rapidly effective delivery of treatment. No shot. No needle. No risk of needle stick injury.

Teleflex will host a Rescue Airway Challenge at Teleflex booth 1921, allowing attendees to challenge their colleagues for the quickest successful insertion of the LMA Supreme Airway. This challenge tests attendees’ knowledge and allows for the clinical specialist team to conduct hands-on training for more familiarity with the supraglottic airway.