Under the agreement, Teleflex will provide its Weck brand of Ligation and Stapling products, Deknatel brand of Cardiovascular Suture and Taut brand of Laparoscopic Access Ports to Premier members.

Weck ligation systems provides high quality ligating clips which works in combination with the applier.

The applier is designed to apply a specific clip in a manner to provide secure, reliable ligation of vessels in critical surgeries.

Weck metal clips are made with heart-shaped wire and engineered to give each clip a firm grip on blood vessels.

The Deknatel Cardiovascular Suture line incuding Deklene Maxx polypropylene suture facilitates surgeon to tie more secure knots on the coronary anastomosis.

The Taut line of bladeless laparoscopic access ports are designed with an asymmetrical dilating tip used in robotic surgical procedures to minimize patient trauma.

Teleflex Surgical Division VP and GM Jay White said they are pleased to provide Premier members the clinical and financial benefits of the complete Endomechanical, Suture and Trocar product lines.