US-based Teleflex has launched a disposable laryngoscope blade and handle system, called Rusch TruLite Laryngoscope System, for single patient use.

This is the latest addition to the company’s broad single-use anesthesia product portfolio.

Teleflex Anesthesia and Respiratory Division president Cary Vance noted that many customers have found that the hidden costs and patients risks of reprocessing blades for routine surgical procedures are far higher than the cost for adopting single-use laryngoscopes.

"Rusch single-use laryngoscopes inspire confidence in physicians by combining the quality of reusables blades with the convenience of a disposable option, helping hospitals accelerate adoption of single-patient use solutions," Vance added.

Its blade is made up of surgical grade stainless steel and has rounded edges with tips providing strength and security, which is critical in surgical procedures.

Its handle is made up of a high-grade, reinforced plastic, allowing a secure grip during intubation. The handle’s uniform size is ideal for all blade configurations.

In addition, the system is equipped with the LED lighting technology, which provides strong, focused, reliable illumination and reduces battery consumption and replacement cost.

The critical components that join the one-piece blade and handle system are built to reliably withstand the forces of intubation. During emergency situations, it also eliminates the risk of component incompatibility.