Phantom XL3 provides a complete access solution for the spine surgeons, who look for an implant agnostic solution in surgical access


Image: Phantom XL3 provides complete access solution for the spine surgeons. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsfoto/TeDan Surgical Innovations LLC.

US-based surgical access systems provider Tedan Surgical Innovations (TSI) has announced the addition of UltraFix Stabilization technology to its second-generation Phantom XL3 Lateral Lumbar Surgical Access platform.

TSI said that its new offering delivers effective lateral access to the lumbar spine, and ensures uninterrupted surgeon focus in the operating room.

In addition, it has designed the Phantom XL3 to combine its existing articulating mechanical fixation know-how and Phantom XL3’s advanced retraction technology to deliver enhanced patient access to the global surgeon community.

UltraFix Stabilization technology reflects TSI’s commitment to surgical access innovation

Phantom XL3 Surgical Access platform features radiolucent surgical retraction blade configuration, surgeon-controlled pivoting capability, and cold-LED illumination platform, which can be easily deployable.

It  also includes Neuromonitoring Dilation Package that enables circumferential trans-psoas navigation, and provides improvedimproved standard of care in lateral surgical access to the lumbar spine.

TSI said that its Phantom XL3 provides a complete access solution for the spine surgeons, who look for an implant agnostic solution in surgical access.

In addition, the company intends to leverage its sales distribution network across the world, along with expanding its OEM channel partnerships with medical technology companies, with this latest Phantom XL3 platform innovation.

TSI sales and marketing vice-president Terry Johnston said: “The release of the UltraFix Stabilization Technology into Phantom XL3’s Articulating Arm offering further cements TSI’s leadership in lateral lumbar surgical access solutions and marks another significant milestone in the evolution of its platform.

“With the addition of this market-leading stabilization solution, we remain committed to enabling surgeons around the world with the most advanced tools with which to access the lateral spine seamlessly in an effort to enabling reproducible patient outcomes.”

TSI claims that it holds a 75 years of expertise in the development of Neuro, Spine and Cardiothoracic surgical access and instrumentation solutions. Furthermore, its integrated surgical access product solutions ranges from cranial, anterior cervical, cardiothoracic to lumbar column access..