Target Health and LifeOnKey have entered into an agreement to offer web-based information platform so as to help the bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industries to optimise clinical trials, to help researchers capture, analyse and assess trial data, and bring new medicines and devices to patients.

Target Health said that with this contract it can now offer the health care companies with an electronic clinical trial record that can manage and monitor the care of clinical trial patients from Phase I through Phase IV post-marketing surveillance.

Target Health and LifeOnKey said that their partnership will further offer the clinicians online access to the most recent medical information for their clinical trial patients, allowing them to track critical information, while maintaining the integrity of the clinical trial data.

Meanwhile, patients will gain the ability to follow the progress of the clinical trial through their own patient health record.

Jules Mitchel, president of Target Health, said: “This partnership leverages the deep expertise with clinical trials and information systems within both companies to enhance the efficiency of the drug, biologic and device development process.”

Linda Harnevo, CEO of LifeOnKey, said: “This partnership clearly highlights the ultimate promise of health information technology. Through the smart application of information technology, we can help clinicians improve the clinical trial process from end-to-end – from better patient recruitment to more effective patient monitoring once the drug is on the market.”