Tangent Medical has obtained CE Mark approval for the NovaCath integrated IV catheter system, which integrates a series of next-generation technologies designed to address IV therapy challenges including catheter stabilization, healthcare worker safety, tubing management and patient comfort.

The CE Mark approval allows the device to be launched throughout Europe and other countries that recognize the CE Mark.

Tangent Medical claims that NovaCath is the only peripheral IV catheter with advanced catheter stabilization designed to exceed the highest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and INS standards for IV catheter stabilization.

Featuring closed system design and passive needle shielding technology, NovaCath minimizes the risk of needlestick injuries and occupational exposure to blood to the lowest feasible extent.

Tangent Medical president Eric Sandberg said that NovaCath is a breakthrough technology designed to address IV therapy challenges common throughout the world.

"Receiving CE Mark approval gives us the opportunity to advance the safety and efficacy of IV therapy for patients, clinicians, and hospitals in additional international markets," Sandberg added.

Tangent Medical sales and marketing vice president Curtis Bloch said that NovaCath uniquely integrates several patented design elements that not only reduce the risk of IV complications but also improve healthcare worker safety and clinical efficiency.

"Our innovative, award- winning design delivers advanced catheter stabilization, next-generation tubing management, passive needle encapsulation and blood control on every short-peripheral IV start. Feedback from clinicians has been exceptional. We look forward to introducing NovaCath in Europe," Bloch added.