The NovaCath is a next-generation technology designed to address several complex IV therapy challenges including catheter stabilization, occupational exposure to blood, patient and healthcare worker safety and patient discomfort.

It is the first safety IV catheter offering advanced catheter stabilization technology designed to exceed the highest CDC, OSHA, and INS standards for stabilization.

In February 2014, Tangent Medical raised a $5m senior secured term loan credit facility from GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services to commercialize NovaCath in larger countries where healthcare worker safety legislation has been passed.

Tangent Medical CEO Jeff Williams noted that the company’s focus for 2014 is to achieve clinical adoption of NovaCath at select hospitals in the US.

"In addition, we will secure distribution agreements in key international markets to begin commercialization outside the US," Williams added.

Tangent Medical sales and marketing vice president Curtis Bloch noted that the NovaCath integrated IV catheter system is a promising new IV catheter designed to advance the safety and welfare of both patients and healthcare workers.

"It’s designed to reduce overall IV complications including dislodgement, infiltration, phlebitis, and occlusion. Its passive needle shielding technology and closed system is designed to minimize occupational exposure to blood. We believe our patented design not only elevates safety, but adds a layer of comfort that has not been achievable with other IV catheters," Bloch added.