T2 Biosystems has announced data of its T2Hemostasis monitoring system at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Hematology (ASH) which is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

The system has the capability to characterize key coagulation, platelet and other hematologic factors directly from whole blood on a single, compact instrument.

The study, which has taken blood samples from consenting healthy adult donors, measured T2MR, or T2 Magnetic Resonance continuously over 20 minutes.

The study demonstrated that with the use of T2MR technology, the T2Hemostasis assay can rapidly and accurately measure changes in impaired hemostasis and hypercoagulable states.

T2 Biosystems president and CEO John McDonough said the new data demonstrate that how the assay monitors several critical hemostasis measurements on a single instrument in just minutes.

"T2Hemostasis, together with other products in our pipeline, including T2Candida, demonstrates the breadth of our rapid and accurate direct detection platform, which, we believe, has the potential to fundamentally enhance the quality of diagnostics, drug development and hemostasis research," McDonough added.