Featuring a new 5mm spot size for the Gentle Pro Nd:YAG Laser Series, the device expands the functionality of the GentleYAG Pro and GentleMax Pro Nd:YAG laser to treat onychomycosis, in addition to its existing capabilities for hair removal and for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

The Gentle Pro Nd:YAG Laser increase the temperature under the nail to a level that’s inhospitable to fungus, with its precision 5mm handpiece. It also makes the nails appear clear.

Laser therapies such as Candela’s Gentle Pro Nd:YAG Laser will help physicians to treat onychomycosis symptoms locally without the systemic effects of oral medications.

Syneron Medical chief executive officer Amit Meridor said the new indication for the Gentle Pro series puts Syneron at the forefront of technological advancements designed to meet physician partners’ standards.

"The 5 mm handpiece makes our Gentle Pro laser even more valuable for our customers, expanding patient services with one simple addition," Meridor added.

Onychomycosis is one of the most commonly diagnosed foot conditions, which is affecting 10-12% of the population, the company said. This disorder results in thick and jagged nails, which can injure surrounding skin, spawning secondary infections and ulcers.