The mVT Service is a FDA-cleared prescription medical device that conveniently and accurately tracks changes caused by AMD and DR. Use of the device enables clinicians to catch disease progression early when it is most responsive to treatment.

VAS continues to validate the uniqueness of its advanced visual testing process with the award of yet another patent. This patent, #9,033,508, addresses a breakthrough approach for handheld visual function testing with a touchscreen display that communicates results including time and date to a database.

"We are pleased to add this new patent to our expanding IP portfolio," said Mike Bartlett, company president. "The ability to catch disease changes early generally results in earlier treatment and better visual outcomes. And that’s what makes this patent, and the mVT Service important," added Bartlett.

Bartlett also believes the company’s expanded patent portfolio and clinical test results have created significant interest from pharmaceutical companies. "They appreciate the value of the mVT, especially in clinical studies for longer duration compounds under development," stated Bartlett.

In April 2015, VAS announced the launch of the mVT. The mVT Service is the only simple, FDA-cleared, low cost, mobile, validated method available for patients to test their vision at home.

Patients take a simple 4-6 minute self-test, performed on the timetable recommended by the doctor (usually twice a week). Patient test results are automatically delivered to a HIPAA-compliant database and analyzed.

A significant change sends an automatic alert to the prescriber who will determine the needed course of action. AMD is the leading cause of blindness for people over 60, and DR vision loss continues to grow with the increasing prevalence of diabetes.

Vital Art and Science is advancing and commercializing innovative home diagnostics for treatable chronic disease. VAS’ strategy has been to leverage the unique strengths of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex universities and research facilities, as well as local electronic, telecommunications and health care companies.