Synaptive Medical has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its BrightMatter Guide system to be used in operating rooms.

The new surgical navigation system has been designed for use in hospitals and surgical facilities.

BrightMatter Guide is a neuro-navigation system that shows 3D tractographic visuals of the brain in the operating room to help surgeons in guiding their tools and informing their surgical approach.

Synaptive Medical president Cameron Piron said: "BrightMatter Guide is a GPS of sorts for the brain, giving surgeons a visual representation of the complex structures and associated tractography of the brain in the operating room, where they need them.

"We are providing surgeons with the tools to adapt to the changing surgical environment, integrating imaging modalities and technologies as they are needed. I am looking forward to seeing Guide successfully used in operating rooms around the country."

A new solution known as Servo will be created in the operating room, when BrightMatter Guide is interfaced with the firm’s BrightMatter Vision and BrightMatter Drive technologies.

Servo mounts an effective optics platform, including Guide, Vision, and Drive, onto an automated positioning system for use with BrightMatter Guide.

BrightMatter Servo allows a surgeon to automatically track surgical tools with Drive and replace cumbersome optics with Vision, as well as evaluate a surgical plan in the operating room with Guide.