Vitrolife said that its Swemed Sense needle showed less pain and bleeding compared with a conventional needle for oocyte aspiration in the multicenter study carried out in Sweden.

The results of the study were presented during the ongoing ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) conference in Rome by Matts Wikland.

Vitrolife said that the study has investigated how the sensation of pain in women undergoing oocyte aspiration before IVF differs if a new needle with a thinner tip (Swemed Sense) is used, compared with a conventional, thicker needle.

Reportedly, a needle with a thinner tip give less pain and bleeding compared with a conventional needle. The time taken to retrieve oocytes and the number of undamaged oocytes were not different in the two groups.

Matts Wikland of Fertility Center Scandinavia in Gothenburg, said: “The follicle aspiration needle Swemed Sense makes it possible to work in a new way, which is favourable for patients, and at the same time it meets all the other quality requirements for a follicle aspiration needle.”

Vitrolife is a medical device group that develops, manufactures and sells advanced products and systems for the preparation, cultivation and storage of human cells, tissue and organs.