Surgical Theater has entered into a partnership with NordicNeuroLab to offer the latter’s nordicBrainEX diffusion tensor imaging process application as part of its Precision VR, a medical visualisation platform.

By adding the technology of the Norway-based magnetic resonance imaging product developer, Surgical Theater can expand the detail and immersion into relevant anatomy, functional structures and delicate tissues needed in planning and navigating surgery.

Surgical Theater said that it will demonstrate nordicBrainEX at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons meeting between September 26 and 28th in San Diego, California.

The coompany noted that by working together, both the companies can offer a novel, comprehensive and immersive patient-specific reconstruction that can integrate with existing neurosurgical tools and technologies being used in most hospitals today.

Surgical Theater combines fighter jet flight simulation technology with a patient’s medical imaging studies such as MRI and CT to create virtual and augmented reality reconstructions of the patient’s anatomy accurately.

This results in the company offering patient specific surgical planning and education experiences for medical professionals, with VR-empowered patient engagement capabilities.

Surgical Theater CEO and co-founder Moty Avisar said: “Partnering with NordicNeuroLab was a natural next step for Surgical Theater.

“Our Precision VR platform and nordicBrainEx complement each other while bringing vital imaging capabilities and valuable datapoints immediately to neurosurgeons in the clinic and operating room.

“This immersive view has become essential for surgical planning and navigation as well as a powerful tool for patient engagement.”

The company says that, thanks to this technology, a neurosurgeon will no longer need to point out a tumour on a flat, 2-dimensional black and white image. Instead, he or she can view it on a 3-Dimensional reconstruction on a touchscreen and look at the tumour in a highly detailed manner.

NordicNeuroLab’s CEO Fredrik Isdal said: “Like X-rays, CAT scans and MRI, DTI is quickly becoming an essential aspect in surgical planning.

“NordicBrainEx is designed to equip surgeons with seamless and immediate illustrations of functional tracts within the brain while minimizing the probability of error or variability in the quality of the results.

“With Surgical Theater, we found an ally in delivering integrated imaging solutions that were once out of reach to all but major research institutions.”