The funding will be used to accelerate growth, further increase the application’s value to customers, and expand integration capabilities with physician practices and partners.

According to Casetabs Founder and CEO, Gavin Fabian, “Surgical case communication issues are a very real and costly problem. Casetabs solves these problems by breaking down communication barriers between surgery centers, physician offices, hospitals, anesthesiologist groups and medical vendors. This latest round of funding enables us to continue innovating and further improving how surgical cases are coordinated.”

Casetabs has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2016. Today, Casetabs is deemed the communication method of choice for surgical case coordination in more than 200 surgical facilities and 1,500 physician practices.

Casetabs’ cloud-based surgery coordination application serves as a central hub to store, access and share all case-related information. It is easily accessible via computer, tablet, or mobile app so that everyone — including surgeons, anesthesiologists, vendor reps, facility staff, and outside physician practice staff — has appropriate access to the most current case information regardless of location. Casetabs provides a secure, HIPAA compliant way for mobile healthcare professionals to upload, access and share real-time information with everyone involved in a case without jeopardizing data integrity. With all eyes on the same information it is easier to catch potential errors and avoid unnecessary delays and cancellations. Essentially, Casetabs connects the silos and gets care teams on the same page.

Source: Company Press Release