US-based Surefire Medical has introduced a new Precision targeted delivery infusion system for direct-to-tumor embolization procedures.


The Precison infusion system, which has already obtained FDA and CE mark approvals, has been developed to treat primary liver cancers that are inoperable and to lower the overall costs of treatment.

Surefire Medical president and CEO James Chomas said: "Primary liver cancers often contain regions of high pressure and no blood flow, creating a barrier to drug delivery.

"The Surefire Precision device uniquely overcomes this obstacle by controlling pressure during drug delivery such that drug penetration into tumors increases significantly."

The system features Surefire expandable tip that provides effective pressure control and is compatible with up to 500µm beads to enable treatment of various disease types.

Its ultra-thin catheter construction and lubricious hydrophilic coating allows in track better than traditional microcatheters, offering access to a wide range of vessel sizes and complex anatomies.

According to the firm, a prospective clinical trial demonstrated that the Surefire infusion technology enhanced drug delivery into tumors by above 90% and reduced non-target delivery to healthy tissue.

The company is exhibiting the new technology at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) 2015 Scientific Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, which is currently underway up to 30 September.

Image: Surefire Medical’s Precision infusion system received FDA and CE mark approval. Photo: courtesy of Surefire Medical, Inc.