Supertex has introduced MD1712, a two channel, five level, high voltage, ultrasound transmitter driver IC, designed for portable medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging applications.

MD1712 generates a five level waveform for CW, PW and color Doppler images.

It drives 12 high voltage MOSFETs with its two channels, with 1.8V to 3.3V CMOS logic interface.

The IC features a +/-2.0A source and sink current for resolution imaging, up to 20MHz output frequency, and two separate gate drive voltages to minimize power consumption.

The IC can also be used in non-destructive testing and evaluation, metal flaw detection, sonar transmitters and piezoelectric transducer drivers.

Supertex Marketing vice president Stephen Lin said MD1712 is designed to work with six Supertex TC6320 ICs to form a five level ultrasound transmit pulser.

Supertex is a manufacturer of mixed signal semiconductor, focused in high voltage analog and mixed signal products for use in the medical, LED lighting, printer and display, industrial and telecommunication industries.