SuperSonic Imagine has entered into an agreement with Canon Marketing Japan (Canon MJ) for the distribution of Aixplorer MultiWave Ultrasound System in Japan.

After receiving CE approval and 510(K) clearance from the FDA for its Aixplorer MultiWave Ultrasound System, SuperSonic Imagine, has developed commercial networks on four continents and in more than 30 countries.

The company believes that Aixplorer is the only commercially available system of its kind with MultiWave Technology, which is based upon the interaction between conventional longitudinal waves and shear waves in tissue.

The system consists of an all software-based architecture which provides both impeccable B-mode images and, for the first time, uses shear waves (ShearWave Elastography) to quantify true tissue stiffness or elasticity information in kilopascals.

With MultiWave Technology, the Aixplorer brings clinicians significantly enhanced real-time diagnostic information that is quantitative and reproducible.

Aixplorer’s SonicSoftware, the power behind MultiWave Technology, has benefited from a combination of the advanced technology in the graphic video industry and the multi-core processors, to provide a complete ultrasound system with enhanced speed, accuracy and flexibility. The effect of this system is superior B-mode image clarity and an open door to new imaging possibilities, such as ShearWave Elastography.

Aixplorer ultrasound system can generate, capture and quantify shear wave velocity resulting in the bi-dimensional display of true tissue elasticity. ShearWave Elastography is different from conventional or strain elastography which relies on manual compression for palpation and is therefore subjective and operator dependent.