CareFusion has launched Verso 90 adapter, a component that enables uninterrupted access to a ventilated patient's airway without having to disconnect the patient from the ventilator to improve patient safety and reduce hospital costs.

CareFusion said the new Verso 90 adapter is part of the AirLife Closed-Suction System which is different from traditional closed-suction catheters because of its modularity.

With the system, a clinician can change catheters or perform various airway access procedures through a single port without having to disconnect the patient from the ventilator, leads to increased patient safety as disconnecting a patient from the ventilator circuit can lead to lung derecruitment, which in some patients, may result in atelectasis or hypoxemia.

By using the CareFusion system, clinicians can replace half the system, which could lead to a cost-savings benefit for the hospital.

CareFusion Respiratory Division senior vice president and general manager Tony Lopez said the addition of the Verso 90 adapter into their closed suction portfolio helps to build their line of respiratory consumable products that directly ties with their mission to help improve health care safety and costs.

The Verso 90 adapter is currently available in the US, with plans to launch the product in Europe.