SuperSonic is planning to present its new solution at the 31st Congress of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB), to be held in Granada, Spain.

The EUROSON congress offers physicians from all specialties the opportunity to discuss and obtain information on current trends, applications and related regulations on ultrasound.

SuperSonic Imagine Europe, Middle East and Africa director and vice president Yves Tenaglia said: “The EUROSON congress is a European event dedicated to ultrasound imaging. During the congress, practitioners can talk about their ultrasound practices and the latest technological developments.

“With exceptional image quality and increasingly innovative imaging modes, Aixplorer MACH 30 brings a new dimension to ultrasound.”

SuperSonic said that its latest technological innovation Aixplorer MACH 30 is designed to change the pattern of ultrasound practice.

Aixplorer MACH 30 is the next generation of UltraFast imaging that optimizes all innovative imaging modes including UltraFast Doppler, Angio PL.U.S. – PLanewave UltraSensitive imaging and TriVu, to offer improved image quality and provide enhanced diagnostic performance.

SuperSonic has developed a new generation of ShearWave Elastography called ShearWave PLUS incorporated in the new solution for viewing and measuring the tissue stiffness on a colour map in real time.

The new elastography technology is designed to provide improvements in acquisition speed, size of the elastography acquisition along with examination depth.

The new Aixplorer MACH 30 comes with an intuitive SonicPad touchpad, an innovative concept in the ultrasound sector, designed to streamline user’s experience.

The company claimed that its SonicPad improves the radiologist’s workflow by reducing the user’s movement by 77% and the examination time by 32%.

The Aixplorer MACH 30 is designed to have expanded lightweight transducer family with new pinless connector ports and re-designed housing, which makes connecting and disconnecting of the probe faster.