SuperSonic Imagine, a developer of ultrasound systems, has introduced UltraFast Doppler, which unites Color Flow Imaging with Pulsed Wave Doppler.

Color Flow Imaging and Pulsed Wave Doppler are ultrasound tools that analyze blood flow and are critical to cardiovascular disease assessment and cancer diagnosis.

UltraFast Doppler enables the generation of post-processed Pulsed Wave Doppler spectra from multiple locations in the same image.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Senior Scientist and University of Toronto Medical Biophysics professor Peter Burns said UltraFast Doppler provides high frame rates, less aliasing and the ability to show spectra at every point in a stored color loop.

"It provides more accurate flow imaging and will enable more effective workflow in the vascular lab," Burns said.

SuperSonic Imagine scientific expert and co-founder Jeremy Bercoff said they are very excited to introduce this new ultrafast technology feature and they are confident that it will bring clinical benefits to physicians.