The Electronic House Call received its FDA clearance in April and will be used by healthcare professionals who manage patients with chronic conditions, such as heart disease, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and diabetes. SunTech Medical’s OEM NIBP module will provide professional grade BP monitoring in combination with the Eclipse D-ring blood pressure cuff to allow easy self-application for in-home use.

“ExpressMD has included best-in-class technology like the SunTech OEM NIBP module to ensure a high-quality, accurate and reliable telemedicine product,” states Ronald Mills, Managing Director at ExpressMD Solutions.

Patients use the monitoring device in their home to measure their vital signs and to motivate them through education and reminders, allowing professionals to better manage patients with chronic illness. The Electronic House Call monitor securely transmits information to its data center making it conveniently available to each licensed care provider via a secure website.

Dayn McBee, CEO of SunTech Medical adds “We’re excited that the value of our OEM NIBP technology continues to be recognized by the home telemedicine market. Blood pressure has been our focus for over 25 years and we’re still finding new ways to improve the performance and reliability of BP technology. It’s great to work with a company who shares our vision of improving healthcare for the benefit of patients and their care providers.”