The detection system features a new compliance-driven interface, which provides real-time feedback to guide the OR staff through an effective sponge management protocol.

RF Assure’s interface is said to enhance accessibility and data visibility during procedures and automatically stores case and scan records for convenient review and compliance.

The system uses a low-energy radio frequency signal, which is specifically designed to detect misplaced surgical sponges through blood, dense tissue and bone.

RF Surgical CEO John Buhler said: "The premium digital patient safety platform of the RF Assure Detection System X represents our next generation in market-leading detection technology and innovation from RF Surgical."

It includes three complementary components for full OR coverage, comprising ConformPlus II Antenna Array Body Scanner to detect retained sponges in the torso and Blair-Port Wand X to detect missing sponges in the surrounding OR environment.

The ArQ-Sphere is a new scanning component for the RF Assure Detection System X. It is a handheld and stationary scanning device designed with dual-3D scan fields to address the positioning challenges specific to extremity, head, neck, spine and other specialty procedures.

The company will showcase the new detection system at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses Surgical Conference & Expo that is being held from March 7 to 11, and commences the sale of the product in April.

Image: The new RF Assure Detection System X. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.