Through the acquisition, which is for R$28.5m, SulAmerica will increase its presence in the above-mentioned regions, taking in a portfolio of more than 122 thousand members mostly concentrated in corporate clients, further strengthening its position in the dental care segment, which portfolio totals more than 385 thousand members.

SulAmerica CEO Thomaz Cabral de Menezes said this is a significant operation for SulAmerica, strengthening its position in a strategic segment with a high growth potential.

"The portfolio of Dental PLAN is relevant, not only for what it may represent in terms of expanding SulAmerica’s presence in the North and Northeast regions, but also to allow us to broaden our range of products and services offered by health and dental care segments," Menezes said.

The conclusion of the acquisition is subject to prior approval by the Agencia Nacional de Saude – ANS (National Health Agency).