Strauss Surgical, a manufacturer of endoscopes and specialty surgical instrumentation, is pleased to announce the Health Canada regulatory approval of the Strauss Optiks line of high definition (HD) endoscopes for sale in Canada.

Strauss Surgical, owned by American Medical Endoscopy which was formed in 1995, manufactures minimally invasive medical devices in Germany and distributes worldwide.

Strauss Surgical’s legal representative in Canada is Sara Zborovski out of the Toronto office of global law firm DLA Piper. Strauss also entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with AMT Electrosurgery, Inc., based in Kitchener, Ontario.

AMT Electrosurgery was incorporated in 1992, and has become the largest Canadian distributor of electrosurgical accessories.

Chris McNamara, President of AMT, announced that "AMT is currently conducting business with more than 400 hospitals in the Canadian market, servicing all of the Canadian market through direct national representation. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients new HD endoscopy technology as part of our expanding product offering."

Strauss Surgical President, Charlie Bourland, announced, "We are pleased to have formed a distribution partnership with AMT Electrosurgery for the Canadian market. We have been impressed with the industry reputation and infrastructure that AMT has built up over the past 23 years for such a geographically dispersed market."

AMT Electrosurgical is now marketing the Strauss Optiks HD endoscopes for laparoscopy, endourology, arthroscopy and ENT sinuscopy procedures.

Strauss Surgical manufactures endoscopes, specialty surgical instrumentation and medical video camera systems for minimally invasive surgery

The firm’s product line includes Strauss Optiks Autoclavable HD endoscopes and hand instrumentation used in arthroscopy, laparoscopy and urological procedures.