Stirling Royal Infirmary Hospital, part of NHS Forth Valley, has installed Siemens Healthcare Acuson S2000 high specification ultrasound systems within its radiology and maternity departments to improve diagnostic functionality.

Stirling Royal Infirmary Hospital said that two of the S2000s are situated within the maternity ultrasound department and are being used for performing detailed obstetric examinations. The hospital said that an intuitive user interface, coupled with Siemens’ syngoAuto OB application, will improve ease-of-use.

Stirling Royal Infirmary Hospital claimed that the additional systems are being used within the main radiology department. A variety of study types are being performed including abdominal, gynaecology and vascular, plus a range of specialist musculoskeletal exams. The High Frequency 18L6 High Density transducer has also been providing high resolution imaging to assist with the diagnoses in the department’s ‘one stop’ Neck Lump Clinic.

Dawn Walker, lead sonographer at Stirling Royal Infirmary Hospital, said: “When it came to replacing our older ultrasound equipment, Siemens’ image quality and ergonomics were important factors in the decision making process. Our staff have found the systems very user-friendly and the mix of probes and applications have greatly enhanced our service.”

Cathy Brady, ultrasound clinical applications specialist at Siemens Healthcare, said: “This multiple installation of our ultrasound systems will significantly enhance the imaging facilities at Stirling Royal Infirmary. The versatility of the S2000 is also of huge benefit as illustrated by its uses within the different departments. Features such as Auto OB and transducers such as the 18L6 HD Array give a new perspective to the sonographer in assisting with diagnostic confidence.”