Stereotaxis has received the 100th US patent No. 7,772,950, covering the 'Method and Apparatus for Dynamic Magnetic Field Control Using Multiple Magnets,' from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Stereotaxis has built intellectual property portfolio with 100 issued patents including the current patent reflecting company’s provision in robotic solutions for interventional medicine.

Stereotaxis president and chief executive officer Michael Kaminski said that their 100th patent represents a significant milestone in Stereotaxis’ drive to protect shareholder value and deliver technologies that improve treatment options for patients with cardiovascular disease.

“Our strong intellectual property position enables the delivery of measurable clinical benefits across the broadest range of cardiovascular, neurovascular, peripheral vascular and other interventional applications, including treatment of ventricular tachycardia with high levels of acute success,” Kaminski said.

Stereotaxis’ extensive US patent portfolio is supplemented by more than 30 non-US patents and patent applications the company and anticipates doubling the number of non-US patents in the next few months as patents issue on its Niobe Magnetic Navigation System.