The SurgiSteer product line, developed from OrthoDynamix licensed technology, is expected to exploit single port laparoscopic surgery with its steerable 5mm instrumentation. The Lap Grasper, Maryland Dissector and Endo Scissors, available in both free and ratchet handle configurations are simplistic in use versus competitive devices.

Bill Dennis, CEO, said: “Our design mission was to offer the most robust steerable laparoscopic instrument in the market while offering the surgeon a user friendly product with limited transitional barriers.

“Our devices exhibit many steerable features that heretofore haven’t been available to the surgeon such as high force opening jaws for blunt tissue dissection, strong jaw closing force for reliably driving suture needles, and a very intuitive bend and locking mechanism which eliminates excessive hand motion. The SurgiSteer product portfolio will increase throughout the year to include RF devices.”

Steerable Technologix is a private equity funded company focused on disposable steerable instruments for general surgery, cardiovascular, spine and ENT applications.