StatLink Systems has completed the acquisition of California-based capsule endoscopy reading company, AccuRead Endoscopy.

AccuRead is involved in providing Capsule endoscopy, which features a small video camera that takes pictures of specific areas of the intestinal tract mainly the small intestine and transmits images to a recorder worn on a belt around the waist.

The captured images are stored and then processed for analysis, which allows physicians to provide treatment accordingly.

Procedural details, passage times and images are delivered back to the sender by uploading primary test data into a secure portal, developed for physicians, clinics and hospitals.

StatLink president and CEO Dana Capocaccia said with the acquisition, the company will incorporate AccuRead and capsule reading technology as part of its StatLink systems family.

"As a process management company with success within the health care delivery system, we’re always seeking out opportunities that make sense for us as we look to grow and expand our technology within a wide variety of verticals," Capocaccia added.

"Capsule endoscopy reading services will continue to grow as part of health care delivery, and we wanted to utilize our software platform, InfoCentral, to capitalize on the existing potential."