The ZL70250 radio chip delivers a combination of miniaturization, ultra-low power consumption and performance for a broad range of wireless on-body medical and sensor applications.

Designed into Starkey’s new Wi Series, the ZL70250 radio chip wirelessly connects a media streamer plugged into a television, radio, computer or other audio device with a user’s hearing aids.

Users can then listen to these devices at a volume that will not disturb others in the room.

In addition, the embedded radios allow hearing aids to communicate with each other which enables new binaural audio signal processing algorithms.

Zarlink Medical Products Group VP and GM Steve Swift said their radio technology delivers ultra low-power performance, which helps solve critical design challenges for customers, including Starkey, as they incorporate wireless functionality into innovative new devices.

Starkey Laboratories chief technical officer Tim Trine said integrating wireless technology into hearing aids and accessory devices makes listening easy and comfortable for hearing aid users.

"Zarlink has been a key partner in the development of our Wi Series, and we look forward to expanding our relationship as we continue to develop advanced hearing aid products," Trine said.