Featuring an integrated high-definition camera, light source and microphone mounted on an articulated arm, inVisionCam looks and moves like a dental light. As the instructor or dentist focuses on dentistry, inVisionCam generates smooth, jitter-free HD video, with easy repositioning as needed.

Stage Front’S inVisionCam, in its basic configuration, is ready to serve as a video component in Stage Front’s Multimedia Teaching System (MTS), which currently delivers audio/video to student bench-tops in over half of US dental schools. Optional broadcast and storage add-ons enable video routing to distance learning and teledentistry facilities, or to a storage device for replay on demand.

Phil Smith, new market manager at dental equipment manufacturer A-dec, said: “inVisionCam introduces a unique no-fuss, no-assistance-required approach to dental video. I would expect most dental professionals working in teaching or teledentistry to consider it worth a close look.”

Steve Stephens, president of Stage Front, said: “The need for inVisionCam became clear in our experience with dental schools. Several instructors have told us that a video camera that doesn’t require handling or an assistant would be a welcome addition to MTS. We designed inVisionCam to meet those instructors’ needs, and added broadcast and storage options to enable wider use within the field of dentistry.”