The nanoFlex Toric IOL was approved for correction of 1.0 diopters to 4.0 diopters of cylinder in 0.5 diopter steps.

Staar Surgical president and CEO Barry Caldwell said the nanoFlex Toric IOL is based on their proprietary collamer lens material which provides benefits to patients and surgeons.

"It provides a superior quality of vision for the patient and the flexibility of the Collamer material allows it to be implanted through a 2.2 mm incision," Caldwell said.

"We have also been in discussions with the FDA about the requirements to obtain approval of the nanoFLEX Toric IOL in the US."

Collamer comprises collagen, a UV-absorbing chromophore, and a poly-HEMA based copolymer, which has a water content of 40% and provides good quality of vision due to its anti-reflective surface.