Fibronostics, a global leader in non-invasive, AI-driven diagnostic testing for MAFLD/MASH patients, announced today a strategic partnership with Stone Diagnostics, a leading provider of laboratory services in the United States.  Stone Diagnostics will provide Physicians and their patients end to end service to enable Physicians to assess chronic liver disease with Fibronostics’ benchmark product, LIVERFASt.

Stone Diagnostics’ combination of scaled operational excellence and leading digital capabilities leveraging MyHealthAI is ideal and vital to serve doctors using LIVERFASt to screen, identify and monitor MAFLD/MASH patients.

“We are delighted to partner with Stone Diagnostics to provide LIVERFASt to the medical community”, said Fibronostics CEO Sven Henrichwark. “Liver disease has historically required more invasive procedures such as biopsies. Recent guideline updates from AASLD and EASL recognize biopsy drawbacks and acknowledge that non-invasive methods such as LIVERFASt can identify advanced fibrosis in patients more effectively and with a higher level of confidence. Providing the thousands of Physicians who manage the millions of adult Americans with chronic Liver Disease access to our benchmark AI-based test, LIVERFASt, demands the consistent, high-quality service that Stone exemplifies.”

Brock Smith, Fibronostics GM for the Americas added, “our strategic partnership with Stone Diagnostics gives us the comprehensive, efficient, reproducible, and scalable Laboratory Operations Platform required to meet increasing LIVERFASt demand and allows us to focus on the most important needs of our Prescribers and their Patients.  Our mission is to deliver Best-In-Class AI-driven Medical Technology and Customer Support to our Customers and their Patients, and this partnership with Stone will position us to do just that.”

“Stone Diagnostics is a market leading group of in-network diagnostic companies located in New Orleans LA, Santa Rosa Beach FL and Atlanta GA” said Christopher Ridgeway, Founder and CEO.  “Today, we are extremely excited about partnering with Fibronostics. This partnership will aligns well with Stone’s focused future in the AI space. Integrating AI technology within the Healthcare market dovetails perfectly into our own AI platform (MyHealthAI- and strategy. This differentiates our company in the diagnostics market bringing tremendous growth to our chemistry and hematology platforms. We believe that our high focus on customer service and our ability to execute with speed and operational excellence will continue to drive significant growth and further differentiate Stone from other diagnostic companies.”

Fibronostics is a global diagnostics company, providing non-invasive testing and insights to detect and manage organ lesions caused by metabolic diseases such as MAFLD/MASH.

The company leverages artificial intelligence to screen for liver and kidney disease, as well as other chronic conditions that cause progressive organ damage. Its lead product, LIVERFASt, is a neural network driven AI technology combining anthropometrics with broadly available biomarkers from a single blood draw.

LIVERFASt provides insights of high clinical relevance about the degree of fibrosis, steatosis and activity a patient’s liver has. The test uniquely combines the ease of use and clinical sensitivity needed to do the large-scale testing which is crucial for the effective identification and monitoring of a high prevalence condition such as MAFLD/MASH. MAFLD has a prevalence of 20-24% in the adult population of the United States.

Source: Company Press Release