Siemens Healthcare announced that St Helier Hospital has installed its Symbia T6 TruePoint SPECT•CT. St Helier Hospital is a part of University Hospitals NHS Trust. The Symbia T6 TruePoint SPECT•CT combines a 6-slice CT with variable angle dual detector SPECT for rapid, accurate attenuation correction and precise localisation.

St Helier Hospital will use the system in wide range of procedures, including renal scans, brain scans and ventilation and perfusion scans for achieving rapid image acquisition. The dual angle detector makes it capable of improving image quality for even the most challenging of scans. The system can be used in both paediatric and bariatric patients with ease.

Installing the Symbia makes it possible to obtain a greater depth of anatomical information in one examination, states Esam Fikak, Superintendent Nuclear Medicine Practioner at St Helier Hospital. We are impressed by the overall quality and flexibility that the system offers, catering for a range of patient needs and workload demands.

With highly detailed images, the installation of the Symbia T6 at St Helier Hospital enables clinicians to make more confident diagnostic decisions, states Andreas Hadjiphanis, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. SPECT•CT is invaluable to help detect a wide variety of conditions as early as possible to facilitate treatment planning.