Claimed to be the industry’s first technology, MultiPoint is incorporated on the firm’s Quadra Assura MP cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D), Quadra Allure MP CRT-pacemaker (CRT-P) and two new quadripolar Quartet LV leads.

The technology is expected to available to the US physicians in the first half of this year.

By using MultiPoint pacing technology, physicians can capture more left ventricular tissue rapidly by providing pacing pulses to several left ventricle locations instead of the traditional single pulse for each heartbeat.

The Quartet LV lead allows physicians to program two pulses from a single lead and align them to the desired needs of patients.

St. Jude Medical has also received FDA approval for additional quadripolar pacing Quartet LV leads, which are developed to be used with MultiPoint pacing technology, and the programmer-based Auto VectSelect Quartet test.

Additional Quartet LV leads have been developed to treat patients with larger, as well as smaller cardiac anatomies.

St. Jude Medical vice-president and chief technology officer Philip Ebeling said: "Continuing our quadripolar leadership, MultiPoint Pacing represents our commitment to invest and innovate in state of the art heart failure treatment options."

In addition, the firm has obtained FDA approval for Axium neurostimulator system for dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation.

The approval of DRG stimulation allows to treat moderate to severe chronic intractable pain of the lower limbs in adult patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS I and II).

Image: Quadra Allure CRT-pacemaker. Photo: courtesy of St. Jude Medical / Business Wire.