The OxiNet III remote monitoring system enables continuous monitoring of patients’ oxygen saturation levels with the use of the Nellcor OxiMax product platform, even when the clinician is not at the bedside.

Remote monitoring of a patient’s respiratory status allows clinicians to know changes in pulse or breathing sooner and act faster in response to adverse events.

The OxiNet III remote respiratory monitoring system provides customizable systems that effectively monitor any floor in a facility.

The relaying data from the bedside to a central station creates a remote respiratory monitoring system and if a patient’s oxygen level dips below the accepted level, clinicians are alerted via visual and audible alarms at the central station and by pager alerts.

Covidien Medical Affairs, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions vice president Scott Kelley said the Nellcor OxiMax III remote respiratory monitoring system provides a reliable means for clinicians to be alerted to changes in a patient’s oxygen level.