Designed for bioinformatics researchers, data scientists and analysts, the new platform replaces the traditional file-based and highly time-consuming manual process for storing and analyzing genome sequenced data.

SQream Technologies CEO Ami Gal said: "SQream’s launch of GenomeStack is the result of our dedicated team of technology professionals who utilized SQream’s core technology and applied it to the specific data analytics challenges within the human genome community."

Researchers can upload their sample data into the GenomeStack database, along with data originating from an unlimited number of other databases such as 1,000 Genome, dbSNP or UCSC.

GenomeStack will deliver accurate, correlated, annotated and real-time results, which can be transformed back into BAM file format or be downloaded into CSV or txt format for further manipulation by other programs if and when required.

The platform will help to store post-aligned sequencing data from multiple samples in an ultra-fast and highly scalable SQL database, allowing the querying of a large number of samples simultaneously.

It will allow an analysis of 50 BAM files with 30 billion rows of aligned sequencing data under a minute and provide a detailed drill-down from all participating samples to the single read level in order to review the nucleotides distribution on a specific chromosome position.

In 2014, the company launched SQream DB, the firm’s innovative solution that introduced a high-speed graphic processing unit-based (GPU) columnar SQL database to solve the speed, scalability and efficiency issues that experienced by big data analytics.